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Thursday Pack Activities (8/10/2023)

Adventure Pack

Racer and Button took their time wading around in Boulder Creek while Griff and Tucker hung out on the steps with me. Racer and Tucker were both a bit distractable as we walked. They pulled a bit here and there - Racer in response to smells beside the path, Tucker in response to people we passed. Button and Griff walked steadily, until Button decided at one point that she wasn't in the mood to move anymore. After dousing her with cool water and getting everyone to take a drink from the Camelbak, I eventually managed to get her to stand back up and continue on the walk. A short while later, we encountered a friendly guy who said hello to the pack. He sat down in front of the dogs and Button immediately took a liking to him. She lay her head on him and started rolling around on her back next to him as he laughed and talked to her. It was adorable seeing her so affectionate. The rest of the pack stood off to the side and patiently waited for the love-fest to be done.

Variety Pack

Clover, Zoey and Carl walked Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon, with cloudy skies helping to make it feel cool. The prairie dogs were out and chirping at us by the parking lot, but we didn't encounter any further down the path; we did, however, nearly step on a frog that was in the brush right at the edge of the sidewalk. It hopped out from under Clover as she stepped over it, but the dogs didn't notice it at all.


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