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Thursday Pack Activities (8/17/2023)

Adventure Pack

Button, Tucker, Griff and Racer headed down Boulder Creek Path for a bit before hitting the trail at The Peoples' Crossing. It was a pretty cool morning, very comfortable during the first stretch. The sun came out more as we started up the trail and Button took a long break in Silver Lake Ditch. A round of treats perked everyone up and we finished up our hike, not venturing too far up the mountain before taking the first loop back.

Variety Pack

Lumi and Taco had some fun wrestling around at the house before this afternoon's walk along Boulder Creek. With the addition of Lumi for the day, our usual Thursday afternoon crew of blondes was even bigger and drew more attention from people along the creek who were taking photos and videos of us walking by. Zoey and Taco took their time through Eben G. Fine Park, giving the people there plenty opportunity to admire the pack. Once we got through the park, we kept up a pretty steady pace until our pit stop in the creek. Everyone waded in and got wet before regrouping on land and posing for the pack photo. The rest of the walk was steady again until we returned to Eben G. Fine Park, where Zoey and Carl wanted to sniff in the grassy field while Taco and Clover were drawn to the creek on the other side of the path. Lumi was the only pack member content to follow along the path with me, without making alternative demands.


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