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Thursday Pack Activities (8/25/2022)

Adventure Pack

Carl, Racer and Griff got right into the water when we made a stop at the Creek during our walk this morning. Sputnik was slower getting in, but waded around a bit too. I didn't realize how much time had passed as we were ambling along at a pretty slow pace. After I checked, we picked up the pace on the way back. Sputnik took uphill stretches slowly, but otherwise did okay trotting along with his packmates.

Variety Pack

The skies were gray with distant, sporadic thunder as the pack walked the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. I could tell from his panting that Dylan was mildly nervous about the thunder, but he didn't get too spooked. Meanwhile, Riley was more interested in the squeaking prairie dogs that were all around. Milo trotted along in place behind me, not too concerned with thunder or prairie dogs.


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