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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Sputnik were thirsty dogs during the hike, although Sputnik wasn't as parched as he was in the recent past. Carl was curious each time his packmates were taking water from the CamelBak, and he tried a little each time. Griff took a pass on the water. Griff and Carl stayed a little closer than usual today, not scouting as far ahead. A couple stopped to pet the dogs at the Chautauqua Park after our hike, and doled out a big dose of love to Sputnik, Carl, and Racer. Griff was offered an ear scratch, but he made it clear that he wasn't particularly interested as he lay down several feet away with his back to the people.

Variety Pack

Little Zoe was back today after a long time away. She enjoyed walking the Boulder Creek Path with Zoey and Mamacita. Mamacita was moving pretty slowly. We made a lot of stops for the dogs to sniff around beside the path, but not at the big trees that Zoey usually insists on checking out. A lone goose hanging out beside the path hissed at us as we went by, and continued to stare us down from behind even after we had passed. The dogs didn't react. I was half-ready for a charge, which thankfully did not transpire.


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