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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We crossed paths with a lot of other dogs on the hike this morning. Griff, Carl, and Racer all happily greeted the ones who came over to say hello. Sputnik even sniffed noses with an old, greying lab. Everybody drank plenty of water throughout the hike - especially Sputnik and Racer.

Variety Pack

Mamacita and Zoey took their time along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Riley and little Zoe were happy to pull over and sniff around whenever their packmates slowed to a stop. There was a flock of geese at the Kids' Fishing Pond, and one hissed at us both times we passed by. Little Zoe was curious about the geese on our first pass, and big Zoey wanted to go over to them on our return pass. Mamacita and Riley took the geese in stride.


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