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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer enjoyed meandering through the snow-blanketed brush beside Bluebell Road on our way up to the Mesa Trail this morning. Sputnik checked in alongside her every now and then to mark something she was sniffing. Griff got to greet some dogs who we encountered on the Mesa Trail, while Sputnik and Racer stayed on leash with me. At Enchanted Mesa, there is a very cool, big boulder with holes scooped out of the top. We pass it all the time, and pack members have previously been very into climbing around on it. I stopped to have a look at it today, and Racer suddenly became very playful. She tried to leap onto the boulder but it was too high, so I directed her to the other side, where she could make it. She was very happy to go from puddle to puddle on top of the rock, while Sputnik and Griff stood by and watched her. I was glad to have drawn Racer's attention to a landmark that she found so entertaining.

Variety Pack

Avo was in a very excitable mood at the outset of our walk this afternoon. She barked at the first dog we passed, from across the street, and she made enough commotion that she convinced Mamacita the event merited a few woofs of her own. Riley was also on high alert about the passing dog, but kept her commentary to herself. Avo barked again at the next dog we passed on our way to Wonderland Lake, and a truck that passed by right after, though none of her packmates joined in her reaction those times. The lack of support from her crew seemed to have some impression, and she settled down a bit after that. Zoey made sure to stop at all her favorite spots along the way - at the point where the path veers off from Broadway, toward Wonderland Lake; at the trail head area, across from the waste bin; at the shady spot at the edge of the pond, where Rey also likes to linger; and at several trees in the park on the south side of the pond. When we were at the park, Avo started chewing at her leash - a habit that she hasn't exhibited for many months - perhaps redirecting her frustration about how nonplussed her packmates were regarding the various other dogs we were seeing along the way.


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