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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl, Sputnik, Griff and Racer stuck to the shaded dirt path along Boulder Creek this morning. Everyone took a dip to help keep cool. A girl asked to pet them as we were hanging out by the water. Racer went right up and got some pets. Carl sniffed and tentatively allowed a few scratches on his head. Sputnik then followed up and soaked up the love. Griff was last to approach, and stayed at arms reach. By then, Carl had a change of heart and decided it was necessary to start barking at the girl.

Variety Pack

Dylan, Archie and Riley all got right into the creek when we stopped there on our walk this afternoon. Mamacita and Ruffers hung out at the edge of the water for a bit, and then Mamacita waded into belly-deep water. Dylan and Mamacita hung out in the water the longest, after the others were satisfied and had returned to dry land. After that water break, we continued along the path at a very leisurely pace. Archie wanted to play with Dylan and kept pawing at his backside, but Dylan didn't respond except to scold him a couple times for the annoyance. A true puppy, Archie never let that discourage him for more than a few moments throughout the return leg of our walk.


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