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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff sniffed at the air for a while when we stopped for a water break just before heading up the mountain from the Baseline Trail. We weren't far from the Gregory Canyon Trail Head that accesses the Saddle Rock Trail that we are avoiding for now, since other pack members have bristled at unseen disturbances there in recent days. We saw quite a few other dogs on the mountain today, and Sputnik minded his manners very nicely. He only got a little annoyed when one juvenile dog was a bit excited and was pulling at their leash, toward us; and he was perfectly pleasant as we went by all the other dogs we saw. One very little Australian Shepherd puppy stopped to say hello near the end of our hike. Sputnik waited patiently at my side while Griff and Racer greeted the pup, who tried to climb onto their heads as they gave it a good sniff.

Variety Pack

Avo and Mamacita were all about rolling in the grass today. Each time one saw the other going for it, they were happy to join in alongside. Avo usually started off by leaping around Mamacita a few times, while Mamacita was more delicate in her approach. Rey didn't roll in the grass, but she appreciated taking breaks in the shade while her packmates went for it.