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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Griff were surprisingly tame when I let them off leash on the snowy trail this morning. They just followed their typical routine of sniffing along the edge of the trail and marking spots along the way. Sputnik munched on a little bit of snow, but that was it. He didn't even notice when I threw a snowball at him. Racer tromped through the snow, getting a mouthful of it now and then.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Rey had some fun running through the snow together at CU South this afternoon. Mamacita didn't mind staying on leash, but Avo was jealous of her packmates, and started gnawing on her leash, to try to break free. Zoey and Rey rejoined Avo and Mamacita on leash through the middle of the walk, when we were passing a lot of other dogs and people around the big loop; but they got to go for one more romp together on the last stretch of empty trail. I jogged alongside them for a little bit, so Avo could feel like part of the action, while Mamacita followed along with us.


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