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Tuesday Pack Activities (11/8/2022)

Adventure Pack

The pack saw several other dogs on our way up Bluebell Road toward the Mesa Trail this morning. One rambunctious pup barked at us as he went by. Carl strained to try to go see what was up with the pup, but didn't make too much of a fuss. I heard Racer let out one soft whine. Griff was unfazed. Later on, Griff and Carl hurried ahead to sniff hello with a friendly dog, and Racer was happy to follow up with her own greeting while Griff was lingering to get a better sniff.

Variety Pack

Petie roamed around the Valmont Dog Park somewhat aimlessly for a bit, but had some brief, friendly interactions with various dogs. At one point, an all-white-coated Husky showed up and Petie immediately hit it off with him. They chased each other around a bit and made playful dodges. A young German Shepherd then joined in on the fun. It's always nice to see pack members making friends, whether with other pack members or with random acquaintances.


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