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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Ruffers enjoyed munching on snow at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Riley sniffed around beside Racer but she wasn't as interested in eating the snow. Griff followed his typical routine of scouting the trail ahead. Ruffers kept up with the pack without falling behind much, and occasionally joined Griff ahead, particularly when there was an approaching dog for them to greet.

Variety Pack

Ruffers mingled with a bunch of dogs at the park while Zoey, Carl and Petie roamed in a clump together, sniffing their way around the park. After a bit, Zoey, Carl and Petie joined in with the other dogs and had fun running around. Carl was pursued by one dog who was just a bit bigger than him. Zoey had some big bursts of energy and led a couple runs. Petie and Ruffers each had brief, uncomfortable moments with pushy dogs who got in their faces, and we moved along to different areas with more easy-going pals.

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