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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Imogene forged ahead on the trail as we hiked up Red Rocks from The Peoples' Crossing today. Griff followed about halfway between Imogene and Racer, who was on leash with me throughout. Every now and then, Imogene would sprint back to the pack and then go ahead again. Griff sometimes raced to catch up with Imogene or lingered to check in with me and Racer, but then would settle back into the midway point between us again.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Carl were joined by two new friends, Sybil and Bessie, for our afternoon stroll along Bear Creek Greenway. Sybil and Bessie are just in town for the day with a friend of mine and his partner who are traveling through town on a road trip. Sybil was happy to greet Zoey and Carl right off the bat. Bessie took a little warming up, but was sniffing around right beside Zoey and Carl after we had done a bit of walking together. The dogs all really took their time perusing the scents at Martin Park before we got into a more steady pace along the path.


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