Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took a leisurely pace on the hike today, since Racer has been getting sick on the hikes lately. Unfortunately, her stomach still turned about halfway through the hike, and her breakfast came up again. I watched her closely, and she didn't eat any pine needles today, so I'm stumped regarding the reason for her upset stomachs that have apparently only been happening on her hikes. Meanwhile, Griff and Sputnik enjoyed themselves off leash for much of the hike. They trotted together from one spot to the next, and took turns coming back to check in with me and Racer.

Variety Pack

The combination of beef jerky with calm, slow pets and a soothing tone of voice helped to keep Avo and Rey more mellow and attentive through most of the walk at Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Zoey and Mamacita were also especially quick to respond whenever I stopped along the way, or asked them all to sit. The peace was temporarily broken when Avo noticed a herd of deer grazing on the mountainside, far off in the distance. Rey was quick to join in lunging in the general direction of the ungulates, as Avo barked with distress. Avo's whines and barks sounded like a desperate attempt to warn of some imminent danger, or perhaps a plea for me to let her loose. The deer were so far off that Zoey and Mamacita didn't pay them any mind. It took several minutes of sitting with Avo and Rey to get them to settle down, as Avo's pitiful whimpers gradually diminished. When we finally continued on, Avo was still a little unsure about the deer - but far less reactive - and Rey seemed to have forgotten about them (or maybe she didn't actually notice them in the first place, and was just acting out in solidarity with her friend).