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Tuesday Pack Activities (12/19/2023)

Adventure Pack

The warmer weather brought out a lot of hikers at the Chautauqua today, where Racer, Arlo, Imogene and Griff hit the trails. Racer's nose hovered over the edge of the trail for most of the hike, taking in the scents along the way. Griff and Arlo left their marks in some particular points of interest. We pulled off to the side a lot to let other dogs go by without greeting.

Variety Pack

Taco was drawn to a clump of overturned sod at the edge of the path along Bear Creek Greenway. Alfie, Carl and Monkey quickly followed up to check things out. Monkey was satisfied with sniffing before very long, and sat to look up at me while the boys continued to check the area out. It was a very pleasant afternoon for our pack walk.


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