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Tuesday Pack Activities (12/5/2023)

Adventure Pack

There were some chunks of packed snow along Chautauqua Trail for Racer to chomp on as we made our way up the mountain. She, Arlo and Griff all stopped to sniff around one of the drainage culverts that run under the trail, while Imogene just stood on the trail and waited. We saw a deer as we headed up Mesa Trail. Arlo and Racer were pretty fixated, but Imogene turned around when I called for the dogs' attentions to take a photo with the deer in the background. Griff didn't really focus on the deer like his packmates. On the way back, there was a small squirrel on a nearby tree with a dark, reddish coat unlike the coloring of any other squirrel I can remember seeing.

Variety Pack

The wildlife sightings continued this afternoon with a large flock of geese at Wonderland Lake, where Carl, Lou, Taco and Monkey walked. There were over three dozen walking around on the ice that has formed on the west side of the pond, and at least as many more hanging out in the nearby, grassy field. They did a lot of honking, which briefly caught Monkey's attention, but the rest of the pack ignored the noise and Monkey stopped looking before long as well.


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