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Tuesday Pack Activities (2/13/2024)

Adventure Pack

Racer and Arlo chomped a bit of snow as we hiked Shanahan Ridge today. Imogene snatched up a stray twig at one point and then dropped it after chewing it up a bit. We saw a coyote cross the trail about 50 yards ahead of us. Griff was the most on guard, and quietly grumbled as we watched the coyote trot off into the distance, through the snow. His packmates didn't give the coyote the same regard.

Variety Pack

Carl enjoyed a solo walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. There were too many mud puddles to avoid, so his paws became darker and darker as we went - but he managed to keep a relatively dry belly. He made regular stops to sniff at the snow banks along the edge of the path, but didn't mark as aggressively as usual.


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