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Tuesday Pack Activities (2/6/2024)

Adventure Pack

Shanahan Ridge was full of dogs hiking with their people today, so the pack stayed on leash for the duration. The snow on the trails was a mix of slushy and crunchy, which made it a pretty good workout to trudge through. Imogene snatched up a couple twigs to chew on at different points along the way. Racer was interested in pulling over to sniff around in the deeper snow off the trail. Griff and Arlo stuck to my sides pretty well.

Variety Pack

Carl, Buddy and Monkey walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The trail around the pond was quite muddy from the melting snow. A couple different passers-by stood aside to let us walk by them, and both commented on how cute the trio was. By the end of the walk, everyone had very muddy legs and bellies.

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