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Tuesday Pack Activities (3/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff and Racer enjoyed themselves on the Mesa Trail today. Racer took her time, pausing frequently to sniff particular points of interest while Griff scouted ahead of us. The weather was mild and the air was calm, making for a nice atmosphere while we sauntered along the trail. Racer took a drink from the small brook we crossed on our way up to the Mesa, as well as on our way back, and also took some water from the CamelBak. Griff wasn't thirsty.

Variety Pack

Carl spent much of his park visit chasing down tennis balls and returning them to me. Petie and Zoey wandered around, sniffing and making friends. There was a Husky to whom Petie took a liking, and he hopped around with him briefly. Zoey discovered some torn up pieces of tennis balls and chewed on them. She didn't play keep-away with them like she usually does, but instead allowed me to collect them for the trash bin.


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