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Tuesday Pack Activities (3/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Griff stayed pretty close by while they were off leash on the Mesa trail today. Blu wanted to make a lot of stops to sniff. I let him pull over sometimes but kept him moving most of the time. The whole pack happily greeted a couple different dogs we came across, who walked right up into their midst.

Variety Pack

Carl was entertained chasing tennis balls at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Zoey joined in and snatched the ball up a few times, but mostly left Carl to it. Zoey got lots of love from various humans at the park. One aptly observed, "Any port in the storm," as Zoey went up to him for attention. Petie roamed around sniffing the perimeter of the park and saying hello to other dogs; he wasn't in a particularly playful mood, and didn't join in any runs or try to get anyone to hop around with him. A couple dogs wanted Carl to play but he was intimidated by their bigger size and more interested in his tennis ball anyway. Zoey had a fun time with a black and white Poodle in between ports.

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