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Tuesday Pack Activities (3/38/2023)

Adventure Pack

Imogene was very excited to enjoy some off-leash time on the Mesa Trail today. She sprinted up and down the trail for a while, with her packmates Ruffers and Griff not paying her any attention. Eventually, she enticed Ruffers into chasing her and then the two of them had a lot of fun together. Griff was more interested in scouting than in playing when he had his turn off leash.

Variety Pack

There were a lot of tree trunks and boulders at Eben G. Fine Park that Carl and Zoey determined required thorough investigation. Griff and Ruffers offered their assistance, but let Zoey and Carl identify the locations of interest. I noticed some gas tanks along the side of the path at various points. We gave them a wide berth since I've read about multiple incidents of gas tanks blowing up along the Creek in recent weeks. Maybe we'll avoid the Boulder Creek Path for our walks in the near future.


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