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Tuesday Pack Activities (3/5/2024)

Adventure Pack

Griff scouted ahead as usual as we hiked Enchanted Mesa. Imogene snatched up a branch and carried it along for a little while, without any interference from her packmates. Racer and Arlo did a fair amount of sniffing, but their noses weren't glued to the ground like they often are; they were both interested in moving along, and they pulled ahead a bit now and then. We hardly encountered any other dogs on the trails, and only a few people.

Variety Pack

Dylan and Carl walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. There were few others out on the trail, but there was a noisy flock of birds hanging out in the brush at the northern edge of the water. The birds looked small and there didn't appear to be all that many of them, but they made quite a cacophony of squawks and chirps; perhaps there were more hiding in the underbrush, who were adding to the chorus. Dylan and Carl didn't particularly care about the birds. They didn't insist on making many stops to sniff either, aside from a few of the regular points of interest in the area.


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