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Tuesday Pack Activities (3/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

There was a thin layer of ice blanketed over much of the trails at the Chautauqua, due to the freezing rain that had come down earlier in the morning. Griff and Racer managed just fine on their four, clawed feet. However, my footing was less sure, so after heading up Bluebell Road we stuck to the flatter trails and didn't go very deep into the mountains.

Variety Pack

A lot of dogs came and went at the Valmont Dog Park while Carl and Petie were there this afternoon. Carl mostly just chased after tennis balls that I kicked around for him, but he also made friends with a couple small dogs and had a Wire-Haired Griffon who was very interested in him. Petie roamed and sniffed around a lot. He showed some interest in a big, shaggy German Shepherd, a Rottweiler, and a dog who looked like he might've been a German Shepherd/Husky mix. They each hopped around with Petie briefly after sniffing hello.


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