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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer was wearing a pretty set of pearls in addition to her collar today, which really popped against her black fur. As we made our way on the snowy trails, her preferred route was wherever the snow was deepest. Griff and Sputnik stuck to the beaten path. I mostly did, as well; but I sometimes headed off into the snow to indulge Racer and let her wade around in the deeper, untouched stuff.

Variety Pack

Avo, Rey, Mamacita, and Zoey headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Rey was pulling around a bit at first - like yesterday - but after I addressed her a couple times, she settled down and fell nicely into place between me and Avo, a pace behind me. With the area blanketed in snow, Zoey wasn't as focused on checking up on her favorite spots; but the rest of the pack has grown so used to the regular stops, that we still lingered at most of them along the way. During the last stretch of our walk, a goofy mood overcame Avo, and she started diving into the snow. Rey barely hesitated before joining in and hopping around with Avo, while Zoey and Mamacita stood by on the sidewalk. After letting the youngins play for a bit, it took a concerted effort to convince Avo it was walking time again.


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