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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Carl were eager to hop into the creek at Gregory Canyon. Racer kept dipping her nose into the water, while Carl took samples from a bundle of twigs that had dammed up together. Meanwhile, Griff and Sputnik stood in ankle-deep water near the bank, casually taking in the surroundings. We hiked up toward Saddle Rock, and I picked Carl up to navigate rocks protruding across a deeper, faster-running section of the creek. On our return, Carl hesitantly took to the water himself, and swam to a rock in the center before hopping his way from rock to rock, the rest of the way across. After that, just as we took the Meadow fork off the Baseline Trail, Griff suddenly bolted down across the Baseline Trail toward a small gully, barking. I followed his trajectory and saw a medium-sized, brown bear standing in the gully with his back to us, looking over his shoulder at Griff. I sternly shouted for Griff to come back, and he veered off about halfway to the bear, then looped back over to the pack. Thankfully, the bear was happy to call it good, and just waited where he was until we had moved on down the trail, out of sight.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Mamacita were in the mood for a slow, casual walk with lots of stops for sniffing, this afternoon. Rey was pretty mellow - along for the ride, happy to stop and sniff, but not insistent on it. The rest of the pack was feeling playful. Avo indulged Sanni in some hopping, dodging, and play-bowing at a couple stops along the way. Ruffers kept trying to stir things up by mounting Zoey. Avo thought that looked like a good idea and gave it a try once, too. Avo and Sanni had another one of their mini play sessions when Mamacita stopped to roll in the grass for a minute. We got sprinkled on, lightly, as we walked the final stretch back to the packmobile. I guess we missed a pretty good dumping of rain in northern part of town, sometime around then.

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