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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I was expecting Racer to chomp at the water cascading over the rock where we cross the stream at Gregory Canyon - like Riley has been doing - but she surprised me by just wading around in the water a bit, without any particular agenda. Carl joined Griff in exploring the creek bank, downstream from our crossing. On the way down, the two of them had enough energy left to race each other down the trail, then back up past me, Racer, and Sputnik; then they raced each other all the way back to the stream, where they waited for the rest of us to catch up.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, Avo, Riley, and Rey were all happy to hop into the creek early on in our walk. After getting a good soak, we went the whole walk without either Avo or Mamacita flopping down for a break. There was a marked difference in how it felt walking the dirt path nearer to the creek versus walking the paved multi-use path. The better-shaded dirt path was actually quite comfortable, despite the heat, whereas the more exposed paved path felt oppressively hot when we followed it for part of our return leg. There was an off-leash Chihuahua on the path ahead of us at Eben G. Fine Park, and Avo and Rey both got really worked up at the sight of it, even though they had been calm and pleasant with all the other dogs we had passed along the way. Riley, on the other hand, was getting a bit too intensely focused on some of the other dogs we passed, but didn't react much to the Chihuahua. Mamacita and Zoey were calm and pleasant all around, as usual.

Blu and Gidget enjoyed a short neighborhood walk with Jen. They were equal parts lazy and distracted in the heat, so they didn't spend very long out. There were no rabbit sightings to set Blu off today.


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