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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After a dip in the Farmer's Ditch, the pack headed up to make some loops through the Red Rocks Spur Trails. Griff and Ruffers lingered behind to sniff around a stretch just after the ditch, and then came racing up the trail together. We didn't see any other dogs on the mountain, but there were several families with little kids who were excited to see the pack, one exclaiming, "That man has so many dogs!" By our final pass along the Farmer's Ditch, at a different stretch of trail, Carl and Ruffers were the only ones who cared to get back in; Sputnik and Griff just sniffed around in the nearby bushes until we were ready to move on.

Variety Pack

We tried to go to Valmont Dog Park today, only to discover that it is closed for construction until August. I saw storm clouds moving in from over the mountains and didn't want to get caught in the rain, so we just headed out for a walk at the Goose Creek Greenway out of Valmont Park. I guess we will be heading to Foothills for our next dog park visit. The terrain around the Goose Creek Greenway was busy with prairie dog activity. Rey, Avo, Lizzo, and Ruby were all on alert as we walked in between the burrows, with prairie dogs chirping at us from all directions. I stopped several times to redirect everyone's attentions back to me, and I doled out some treats to reinforce that state. None of the dogs lunged or barked or tried to drag us toward the prairie dogs, but Avo and Lizzo continued to pull a bit for a while, until they finally started getting desensitized to the ongoing chorus of squeaky-toy noises.

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