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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Carl, Sputnik, and Racer headed down Boulder Creek for their pack walk today. It was hot, and the dogs were happy to hang out in shaded spots along the way. A woman we passed excitedly told me how beautiful the dogs were, but especially Sputnik, because he looked just like her new puppy. A man we passed, further down the creek, held out a stick and called out to the dogs, teasingly, as we went by. Nobody took the bait - not even Carl, who chews every twig he can find. The dogs got their paws wet in Boulder Creek, but nobody ventured out to deeper water today.

Variety Pack

We drove by the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon, to see if the construction there has been completed yet. It has not, so we went to the Valmont City Park across the street, and walked the Goose Creek Greenway to an eastern stretch of the Boulder Creek Path. Rey and Avo were very alert to the chirping of the prairie dogs in the area. The more we walked, the less fixated they became. Ruffers and Mamacita refused to drink anything during the couple water breaks we took. Zoey, Rey, and Avo were all glad to quench their thirsts. Avo lay down in the shade of an underpass on the return leg of our walk, and we hung out there for a minute to let everyone cool off a bit before the final stretch back to the car.


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