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Tuesday Pack Activities (5/16/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff, Imogene, Lou and Racer headed up the Amphitheater Trail today. Imogene and Griff had spare energy to roam and explore off-trail while Lou, Racer and I stuck to the path for our ascent. Lou, Racer and Imogene were all happy to get some water breaks along the way, and then the whole pack hopped into the creek at the Gregory Canyon trail head after we came back down.

Variety Pack

There were a lot of dogs for Petie, Zoey and Carl to make friends with at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. One friendly Golden Retriever followed our pack around for a while, along with a shepherd who was more ornery and kept trying to boss Petie around by barking at him. Later on, Petie was happy to greet a Husky named Kodak, and the pair of them made some playful moves with each other. Zoey and Carl shared a tennis ball for fetch, and Zoey actually allowed me to take it and throw it.

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