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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff perked up as we started making our way back down the mountain along the Bluebell-Mesa Trail. He stood stiff, staring down trail into the distance. Carl came up behind him and imitated Griff's posture. The pair of them were quietly growling. I don't know what Griff saw or heard in the distance, and I don't think Carl knew either. Sputnik and Racer were oblivious to the disturbance. I leashed Griff and Carl up to be safe, and kept an eye out as we continued down the trail. Griff and Carl relaxed pretty soon once they were leashed, and we didn't encounter anything unusual. Sputnik didn't give me pleading stares for water so much today, but he and Racer still drank thirstily whenever I offered it.

Variety Pack

Avo, Rey, and Zoey all enjoyed chewing on some fresh fallen twigs at out usual stop along the Bear Creek Greenway. Rey and Avo were both in especially playful moods, and did some hop-and-dodge with each other, in between their stick-chewing. They were pretty exuberant, but they didn't go too crazy and they settled down each time I stepped in.


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