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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were significantly less busy today than they were on the bookends of last weekend. The scat from yesterday was still on the Bluebell-Mesa Trail. Racer and Sputnik passed right by it on leash with me. Carl and Griff both made me a bit nervous when they lingered, sniffing at it; but they ultimately passed along without doing anything gross.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Dylan, Avo, and Rey enjoyed a walk at Foothills Park and Wonderland Lake this afternoon. At one point, Dylan, Avo, and Rey all perked up at the sight of a rabbit in a yard that we passed by. Heads were lifted, ears set forward, and body postures got a bit stiff for a fleeting moment, but nobody lunged or barked. The rabbit stood perfectly still until it was out of sight. Meanwhile, Zoey trotted on without a care.


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