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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

With the gusty wind we had this morning, autumn leaves were blowing everywhere. Carl was very excited about this, and had trouble choosing which leaf to chase after. Lizzo, in turn, chased after Carl. Griff made a lot of stops along the way today, to sniff and leave his mark. Racer, Lizzo, and Carl were all happy to sniff around with him, but were less diligent about leaving their I.D.

Variety Pack

Riley, Avo, Zoey, and Rey were all eager to rush over to our usual break spot along the Bear Creek Greenway. Zoey religiously insists that we stop at the field by some CU basketball courts, but everyone was fully in on the plan today. They all sniffed around the area with great zeal, and then Avo started hopping around to try to get everyone to play. The others all responded to her invitations, but I settled them down pretty quickly so as not to let our leashed walk get out of hand.


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