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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl continues to do his own thing more and more when he and Griff are off leash together. The two of them sniffed around in different areas, with a bit of overlap, as we went. The trails were mostly empty again today, as was the Chautauqua parking lot. Sputnik was a bit less thirsty than usual today, perhaps because of the cool weather, but he still happily drank for a while when offered, as did Racer. The pack did a good job navigating the boulder-strewn slope of the Flatirons Loop with steady footing.

Variety Pack

Sanni, Zoey, Mamacita, Rey, and Avo had a blast at the Foothill Dog Park this afternoon. Avo and Rey barked a few times at the entrance, and I had them sit and be patient as I got everyone unhooked. The cooler weather really brought out Mamacita's fiesty side, and she bounded around the park with her younger packmates. Avo and Rey played chase, which turned into wresting, and Sanni worked her way into the mix with them. Zoey was very happy when we found a rubber, faux-soccerball. I spent a while kicking it around for her, and Avo ran after it a bit as well. Then, Avo and Sanni chased some tennis balls. The pack made friends with a pair of Huskies, as well as a few other dogs at the park. They all had a very fun time.


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