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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Racer, and Carl took their time sniffing along the trail today. We made a lot of stops, as one or another's interest was caught by a scent in the grass here and there. Carl had a little bit of attitude about a dog who passed by at one point. Instead of just pulling to try to go up and say hello, he barked a couple times. Griff and Racer were unperturbed. We stopped for a photo in front of the new packmobile after the hike, at the edge of the Chautauqua Park.

Variety Pack

Rey and Avo were more intrigued by the prairie dogs than usual as we walked the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. Riley perked up as well, but didn't try to pull ahead to get to them the way Rey and Avo did. Zoey and Mamacita walked reliably at my side while their packmates were eyeing the prairie dogs, disinterested in the activities of the rodents. The walk was otherwise pretty quiet. Avo pawed at a spot in the grass when we stopped for a photo, but didn't follow it up with any rolling around. Mamacita sniffed at the same spot for a moment and paused there, but also opted against going for a roll.

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