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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik snuggled with Griff in the back of the packmobile on our way to the trails this morning. Carl pounced on leaves that the wind blew to him as we crossed the park toward the trail head. When the leaves weren't blowing, he and Racer were sniffing around in the grass together. Griff and Sputnik enjoyed their time off leash together, as we headed a short way up the Mesa Trail and back.

Variety Pack

Something in the air along the Goose Creek Greenway at Valmont Park seems to put Rey and Avo in a stubbornly inquisitive mood lately. They both just wanted to sniff around, and drag me and the rest of the pack wherever their noses led. Zoey, Mamacita, and Riley were along for the ride. We took a few pauses to address the pulling. Rey settled into pace after a couple stops, but it took longer for Avo to relent, and she gnawed on her leash a bit at one point. A gust of wind took my hat off from behind, and blew it across a field. The dogs watched at my sides as I stared in dismay, the hat spinning and tumbling into the distance. Thankfully, it settled on the ground, and the pack were all on board with running across the field together to go retrieve it.


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