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Tuesday Pack Activities (6/18/2024)

Adventure Pack

It was a gorgeous day for hiking. With the cooler weather and a nice breeze, the pack made it up to where Saddle Rock Trail meets Amphitheater Trail, despite Arlo still wanting to linger in the stream each time we came to it. Griff kept just ahead of the pack while Imogene tended to linger a bit behind. Racer hiked right at my side, eagerly scrambling up boulders as we made our ascent.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Dylan, Carl, and Ruffers enjoyed a trip to CU South and a detour through the grassy park adjacent to it. A couple other people with three dogs between them joked, "We thought we had a lot!" as we passed by them. Another person we passed a minute later admired the pack and said they were impressed. The dogs stopped to sniff around the bases of tree trunks while simultaneously taking advantage of the shade provided by their canopies. The weather was pretty mild, but Dylan and Lumi still got splashes of water on their heads and necks to help keep them cool. Carl and Lumi both took drinks from the CamelBak. Ruffers didn't want anything to do with the water, but wasn't panting much anyway.


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