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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl was following at Griff's heels on the trails this morning. We encountered a playful Golden Retriever with whom Carl had a lot of fun. They chased each other up and down the trail countless times over. Racer was jealous of the fun the two of them were having together, and barked when they came near. Kona watched them with interest, but didn't fuss about it like Racer did. Griff was satisfied with his initial sniff hello, and ignored the antics that followed.

Variety Pack

Rey, Zoey, Riley, and Avo all rushed over to the boulder that marks the Bear Creek Greenway at the field beside the basketball courts, and sniffed out the community forum there. Afterwards, all four of them perused and sampled the various twigs to be found beneath the nearby tree. On the return trip, Avo walked on her hind legs for several paces as we passed by a squirrel in a tree. I acknowledged the squirrel and she seemed satisfied, then resumed walking normally.


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