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Tuesday Pack Activities (7/11/2023)

Adventure Pack

Griff kept out of the water during our first stop at Eben G. Fine Park again today. Lou and Imogene stayed on dry land with him while Racer and Sanni climbed right into the creek. Lou and Griff were happy to get in during the next couple stops but Imogene chose to stay pretty much dry, only stepping into the shallowest area. Friendly passers-by admired the pack, with one woman saying they were the sweetest thing she had seen today.

Variety Pack

The heat did little to dissuade Carl from his fetching mission. Zoey was busy poking around and splashing in the kiddie pools a lot of the time, but snatched up Carl's tennis ball every once in a while. There weren't any other dogs when we first arrived, but several showed up during our park visit. Sanni and Zoey were interested in making friends while Carl was still focused on his tennis ball. We came across a large, hard-plastic ball that Sanni was very interested in. She pounced on it repeatedly and pushed it around with her nose while whining and grumbling at it, and carried that on for a pretty long time before eventually leaving it behind to go greet more dogs who had arrived.


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