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Tuesday Pack Activities (7/18/2023)

Adventure Pack

Unlike Racer and Griff, Imogene was a bit shy about getting into the creek. She only waded into the shallowest water and then came back out while Racer and Griff were still enjoying a good soak. A squirrel darted across the path as we were making our way back toward Eben G. Fine Park, and Racer very much wanted to chase it. Imogene also perked up quite a bit, but didn't pull at the leash like Racer. There's no way Griff missed the sight of the squirrel, but he had no noticeable reaction to it - a very different story from the snake he saw a couple weeks ago.

Variety Pack

Sanni, Zoey, Carl and Archie enjoyed a stroll along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey wanted to stop and pee at her usual trees, but some of them were occupied with people and tightrope lines, so she couldn't indulge. It was sometimes a bit of a struggle getting Archie and Sanni to let other dogs pass by without trying to drag the pack over to them, but they did a lot better when I had them stop and sit. Once we got moving again, though, it took some effort to get them to follow the program and not just try to wander off with their impulses. Carl seems to be maturing a bit, as he didn't pull much and didn't really react to passing dogs the way I remember he used to.


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