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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had a good time at Shanahan Ridge this morning. I made sure to give Carl and Griff a lot of praise when they came back to my call. There was just one time when they were too interested in a woman jogging up the trail to turn their attention away and come back to me - the other times they did a good job of returning, even when there were other dogs a short way off. Racer and Milo stayed on leash with me through the hike. Racer was pretty set on veering off the trail to tromp through the remaining snow banks. Milo followed in step behind me.

Variety Pack

Avo and Rey burst into a chase upon our arrival at the Valmont Dog Park. Zoey first snatched up a tennis ball, and then joined in with them. Mamacita poked along the fence, sniffing her way around the perimeter of the park. A little later on, there was a playful male who tried to get Mamacita's attention. Mamacita hung out around him for a bit, but didn't have the energy to keep up today. Rey ran around with an Australian Shepherd. Zoey followed around a guy who was carrying treats and working on recall with his young dog. Avo kept rolling around in the dirt. She and Rey ran with each other on and off during the visit, and they didn't get too rowdy today.

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