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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I saw Carl nibbling on a bit of grass this morning, but Racer, Griff, and Sputnik didn't partake. Sputnik seemed a little more stiff again today, but he managed to keep up okay. It was pretty breezy, but we still saw quite a few other hikers out on the trails. Many of them admired the pack. It has been a while since I've gotten comments about the pack so regularly as I have lately.

Variety Pack

Archie was very excited to greet all of the dogs at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. I thought he would be more attached to his buddy Milo - the only pack member he had gotten to know a bit before coming out with everyone - but Archie was bent on meeting as many new dogs as possible. Meanwhile, Milo found a friend in a dog who looked like a Doberman mix, who had a similar style of play to him. Mamacita roamed on her own, occasionally coming over to me for a massage while the others played around us. Petie was on the move the whole time, but always stayed pretty close to me. There were a few different dogs he followed around for a bit, including one unneutered male that Petie was a little bit pushy with. Milo also followed that dog around for a bit, so I would call them back over to me every so often to make sure the two of them didn't overwhelm the other dog. Archie ran around with all different dogs, including an Australian Shepherd and a Miniature Aussie who showed up during the latter part of our park visit.


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