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Tuesday Pack Activities (8/22/2022)

Adventure Pack

The pack started by heading up Red Rocks Trail and made two stops at Silver Lake Ditch in quick succession before heading back down to stroll Boulder Creek Path. Dylan lay in the water of Silver Lake Ditch while his packmates kept on the move. Racer started reaching a paw in to drag rocks and sticks along the bottom of the ditch. Imogene and Griff wandered off into the wooded area together and poked around as Dylan, Racer and I made our way down the mountain. Griff came back without too much delay when I called them, but I had to backtrack to get Imogene's attention.

Variety Pack

Ruffers is back! Carl was extremely excited to see her and kept jumping all over her when they met up at the house. Ruffers was more interested in saying hello to Jen. We headed to Valmont Dog Park for our afternoon outing. Dylan was in a much more sociable mood than last time he went to the dog park. He didn't grumble at any of the other dogs and even found a couple buddies to whom he took a liking. He followed each of them around a bit, and had a playful demeanor with one. It took a little while to find a ball to throw for Carl. While looking for one, Carl kept jumping on my leg and biting at the Chuckit!. Once we found a ball, Carl was pretty well occupied with playing fetch the rest of the time, with occasional breaks to cool off in the shade and in the kiddie pools by either park entrance. Zoey snatched away a couple other dog's fetching balls but was more amenable to giving them back than she usually is. Ruffers wandered around to sniff hello with all the different pockets of dogs hanging out around the park, and regularly came back to check in with me and get a good finger-raking along her sides to massage her and pull out some ever her ever-abundant shedding fur.


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