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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was eager to say hello to the dogs we saw at the Chautauqua this morning, and Carl followed up behind him. We were hanging out in the shade at one spot along the trail and a dog came over to greet everyone. Sputnik got grumbly, which caused Racer to woof in solidarity with him, but Griff and Carl happily sniffed hello.

Variety Pack

Zoey was very happy to find an extra large Chuckit! ball at the park today, and enjoyed playing fetch with it. There were a few other dogs about the same size as little Zoe, and she was happy to hang out with them. One white puppy with a black tail hopped around her to try to get her to play, but he was just a little too much so she gave him the cold shoulder. Petie befriended a Samoyed who also ended up being a little pushy. Petie tried out a few playful hops here and there, but seemed a little overwhelmed by the Samoyed's focused attention. Mamacita slowly roamed the park and sniffed the dogs who came over to see her, and then headed back to the gate to let us know it was time to leave.


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