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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik seemed a little more chipper again today. He and Carl both greeted a friendly couple who stopped to say hello. Meanwhile, Racer and Griff were busy sniffing around in the grass. I caught Racer just before she was about to do something unsavory with a pile of poop left behind by some other dog. Griff and Carl enjoyed splashing in the little creek at Gregory Canyon, while Sputnik and Racer stopped for a drink.

Variety Pack

Mamacita and Milo headed up the Red Rocks Trails at The Peoples' Crossing this afternoon. They made some stops to sniff around near the trail head. Mamacita had a little difficulty on some of the steeper bits, but managed pretty well. Milo was roaming off leash, so he explored while Mamacita took her time. After that, we headed through Eben G. Fine Park down the Boulder Creek Path. Mamacita stopped a few times just to stand in the grass and take in the atmosphere.


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