Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was cool as a cucumber with all the dogs we saw today. He was so relaxed that I let him drift toward the center of the trail to sniff closer to the other dogs as they passed by, and he didn't get an attitude with any of them. Griff and Racer were also calm and friendly, as usual. Everyone was thirsty today - even Griff licked his lips while his packmates were taking a drink, and he then proceeded to accept some water from the spout.

Variety Pack

Avo and Rey were feeling a bit playful today, and hopped around with each other at Eben G. Fine Park, at the outset of our walk. Mamacita was also feeling a bit fiesty, which resulted in the whole pack barking at a couple different dogs we saw along Boulder Creek. Mamacita also gave a piece of her mind to a UPS truck that rumbled by on Canyon Blvd, but Avo and Rey didn't feel the need to comment. Everyone got some beef jerky at a few points along the way, at times when they were behaving themselves better. After the first round of treats at the very beginning of our walk, Avo kept nosing my hand to let me know that it would be perfectly alright if I wanted to give her more. Mamacita and Rey were not so pushy, but became equally excited whenever they saw my hand reach into the treat pocket.