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Tuesday Pack Activities (9/13/2022)

Adventure Pack

Griff, Carl, Racer and Archie hit the trails at the Chautauqua this morning under cloudy skies. Griff and Carl went off leash and didn't roam too far. Griff led the way. Carl hung back every so often to more thoroughly sniff a point of interest before catching back up with the rest of the pack. Archie was very excited about every passing dog we saw on the trails. Racer followed her usual M.O. of sniffing along the side of the trail the whole time, on the move.

Variety Pack

Dylan, Petie, Archie, Carl and Zoey all headed to the Valmont Dog Park for some fun this afternoon. The pack happily greeted the few other dogs who were there, as well as each new dog who arrived during our visit. Petie was the first to go check out new dogs. He, Zoey and Dylan all enjoyed rolling around in the grass at the north end of the park. Carl, Archie and Zoey played some fetch. I used a couple balls, which made it easier for Carl to get in for a retrieval while the others were distracted. There was a white German Shepherd whom Petie followed around for a bit, and who later chased Archie around the park.


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