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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a hot, sunny morning as Carl, Sputnik, Griff and Racer hiked at the Chautauqua. The panting was profuse, and we lingered in shaded areas. The stream at Gregory Canyon was almost dried up, but there was still a bit of water through the crossing to the Saddle Rock Trail, and the dogs made the most of it.

Variety Pack

Petie, Sanni, and Zoey all took advantage of the poorly-flowing drainage ditch water that has backed up into the south end of the dog park. Their legs, bellies, and faces were all coated in stinky, black mud. I did what I could to rinse them off in the kiddie pool at the park. Mamacita was the only pack member to stay out of the mud. We made one big loop around the park today, hopping from one shaded area to the next. The dogs did a bit of exploring out from each site along the way. Sanni and Petie trotted along with some other dogs they met, but it was too hot for the dogs to go for any big runs.


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