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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The gray sky and distant thunder threatened a storm that never materialized as Racer, Griff, Carl and Sputnik hiked at The Peoples' Crossing and then walked along the Boulder Creek Path. The trails were pretty much empty, but Eben G. Fine Park had plenty of people. Carl was easily distracted by them, especially when there were dogs with them. He also made sure that we stopped at the first tree Zoey always brings us to when we walk through that park. The rest of the pack was happy to go along.

Variety Pack

Racer, true to her name, raced into the Valmont Dog Park as soon as we arrived, and she was quick to wander off. She made several trips to the far end of the park and back as the rest of us traversed at a slower pace. Ruffers and Petie stuck by me, and playfully greeted the other dogs we saw. Mamacita ambled along behind us, catching up every so often when we stopped and waited for her. She had a long greeting with a friendly pup who ran up to her. They each gave the other a polite-but-thorough sniffing. There was a particular spot that drew all the dogs noses for a minute. I didn't see what all the fuss was about. The mud at the south end of the park has largely dried up, but Petie still managed to get his paws in it. Racer chomped enthusiastically at water that poured from the spigot to fill the kiddie pool, before Petie hopped in and rinsed off his paws. A friendly Husky then showed up, and dodged around with Petie and Ruffers for a bit before we left.

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