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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer couldn't wait to get into Boulder Creek at the start of our walk this morning. Griff and Carl stayed in the shallow water, just getting their paws wet. Sputnik waited on dry land for a little bit before he decided to wade into the water with Racer. The walk was pleasant, and not too hot since we mostly kept to the shade.

Variety Pack

Petie and Archie were both drawn to the muddy ditch water by the old stump at the south end of the Valmont Dog Park. They didn't get too messy, for the most part, except when Petie dipped down and dunked his shoulder in the puddle. Milo and Petie both made frequent visits to the kiddie pool. As much as they enjoyed the water, they both jumped away whenever I turned the spigot on. Mamacita kept on the move pretty well throughout the park visit. Kona mostly explored off on her own, but made sure to go up and say hello to every person there. Archie was very interested in a Chihuahua who left shortly after we arrived. After that, he made a friend who liked to chase. Archie played rabbit while Ruffers, Petie, Milo, and his new friend all gave pursuit. Eventually, it always ended with the other dog tackling Archie and Ruffers mounting the other dog. After splitting things up, a new round of chase would soon begin.


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