Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Avo scrambled into the creek as quickly as possible when we descended the steps leading into the water at Eben G Fine Park. Griff joined them, though not with the same single-minded intention. Carl again stayed on the step where the water was shallow. The dogs took another dip by underpass at Broadway. Avo and Racer were no less enthusiastic. Racer snatched a piece of what looked like pita bread, which was lying in the middle of the walking path, and gobbled it down almost before I even realized it.

Variety Pack

Griff, Ruffers, Racer and Dylan headed to the Boulder Creek Path for the afternoon, as it's the best place to walk in the shade on such hot days while having immediate access to fresh, flowing water. We took advantage of the creek in Central Park, a little east of the library, where the big stone steppers lead down to the water. Guess - what word did I say to get the dogs' attentions right before I snapped today's pack photo? If you guessed 'treats', congratulations! The lick-lipping tongues give it away. After snapping the photo, I followed up on the promise.