Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl, Sputnik, Griff, and Racer headed up the Red Rocks trails together and enjoyed the usual stop at the ditch stream. Griff only hopped in for a brief dip. Sputnik hung out in the water for a while. Carl hopped in and chewed on some foliage growing on the bank. Racer enjoyed engaging the ditch by pawing at its bed, dunking her face in the water, and scooping water from the surface into her open mouth.

Variety Pack

Dylan, Milo, Ruffers, and Petie headed to the Valmont Dog Park for the afternoon. I had stopped at home in between packs and forgot my phone there, so I was only able to snap a photo of the pack after we had left the park. Petie, Milo, and Dylan all enjoyed wading through the mud at the south end. Thankfully, they were also happy to hop into the cleaner water of the kiddie pool to rinse off. However, as happy as Dylan was to lie in the mud, he refused to lie down in the kiddie pool. At least he was willing to sit, so that helped wash away most of the mud on him. Ruffers happily greeted a little German Shepherd-mix puppy who followed her and the pack around for a bit. During the latter half of our visit, a playful Husky mix showed up and played rabbit while Ruffers, Petie, Milo and another dog all gave chase.